The story

It may seem rhetorical to say that “Corsino” is an institution, a community marker, but in hindsight it has a strong motivation in its collective memory. If this “sweet enterprise” as documents show, has 150 years of life, then one must think of it as a “mythical” place, the true hub of real and imaginary, the quintessence of a community’s life.
And if this institution coincides with a family group (or a clan if you prefer) that owns it continuously for more than a century, then it is natural to say, that it is a historical enterprise! And not only from the eminently commercial point of view, but above all from the vision of the affective continuity that has tied generations, as in a “Marquesian” tale, made of “autumns” and “springs”, of “patriarchs” or of simple human craftsmen, workers and waiters, which assure the prosperity of a company, denying the stupid clichés of an unproductive Sicily , with no business skills.
No my dear gentlemen, Sicily is much more the this.

E5 Bakehouse, London Fields

But what would be the great company of the Corsino, the Gallitto or of the Monaco ones, without a territory that supports them? which is the basis for quality production;
Without the weight, burdensome and pleasant together of a millennial tradition that combines the enchanting Arab gentleness, the Catalan temperance, the Baroqueism of the Spaniards and the Cartesian rigour of the French?
From each of them, as a bee from each flower, we Sicilians have assumed, assimilating and disguising, we have received and given in turn, in a kaleidoscopical mix of which the world of pastry is a superb witness.

E5 Bakehouse, London Fields

And us, lovers of the comforting and invigorating sweet, we always come back, daily or weekly, as a bee to nectar to “Caffè Corsino”, as an infant does with breast milk, to receive comfort and nutrition, to be able to keep saying, paraphrasing the words of Roberto Benigni: life is sweet!

Our achievements


Gambero Rosso 2017


Best in Sicily 2011