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Corsino for the environment

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Corsino for the environment

We surprise you and give you unique moments and original gift ideas but we do all this respecting and protecting the environment. The worldwide organizations who run different campaigns to defend our planet encourage us to take a step forward day after day and we try to be a part of these changes.

We have been trying to protect the environment for years in many different ways because we know that our future and that of our children depends on our actions. Even the smallest actions can have important consequences, for better or worse. We try to do our best!
On the 150th anniversary of its foundation, ANTICA PASTICCERIA CORSINO from Palazzolo Acreide, published the book ‘Caffé Corsino’. The proceeds of ‘The sweet life of an historic enterprise’, of Luigi Lombardo are donated for the realisation of an artwork. This artwork is a public fountain that replaces the antique one in Piazza della Guardia, which launches and implements the idea of purified water that will be available for the use for all of the citizens.


This system will be able to provide purified water at zero cost for the users. The great success of the book and the strong will of Corsino Company to adhere the project of a fountain as ‘Common Good’ under the motto ‘More water less plastic’. All this process have an immediate effect on the ‘production’ of plastic destined to recycle, considerably reducing its quantity.
The Alibrio brothers (Salvo and Federico) together with Vanessa Bonino create the sculpture that adorns the fountain, which develops the myth of water that is the feminine element par excellence, a symbol of purity and fruitful life.

We are among one of the first companies in Italy to join the national campaign called ‘‘LiberAMI della plastica’’, receiving support from the president of the Mare Italia association.
We wanted to link this artwork to an event that hopefully can be an appointment for our city every year from that moment on, the symposium of the white Palazzolo stone, ‘a petra i ntagghiu’.
But our commitment to protect the environment doesn’t end here.


We replaced the single-use plastic products with biodegradable ones and we are working on solutions for an increasingly sustainable packaging. We have already installed solar panels and we will install photovoltaic panels to increase our energy supply from renewable sources.
The packaging we use also can be recycled, a gesture that contributes to making a difference. Even the packages we send around the world respect the environment in this way.

“Protecting the environment is necessary but for us it is also a great pleasure… And if we are talking about pleasure, we have a lot to share.”