The historical pastry shop

Corsino is the witness to a cultural sedimentation to be preserved and handed down.
Passion for pastry is for us a serious deal that has been passed on naturally from father to son since 150 years.

La pasticceria fresca

Beddu aruci

With just one look you can admire them all, but to taste all of them, you’ll have to come back a hundred times. We propose a line of products that combine the past with the present, so as to give you the chance to find the typical sweets of the Sicilian confectionery tradition and of the modern pastry.

Il gelato

Friscu e aruci

The ‘Pezzo duro’ travelled overseas in the memories of Palazzolese emigrants and it remains a ‘must’ in our ice cream showcase. We only use fresh milk from cows who are raised in the territory of Modica.

I biscotti di mandorla

Nicuzzu e aruci

Try to explain a beautiful song. Impossible? Here’s the same for our cookies. You have to listen to them and taste them. Our almond biscuits are made from raw material of the highest quality. We only use local dried fruit, selected by our experts. In this way we can bring in our sweets the best that our territory has to offer.

Il cioccolato

Niuru e aruci

It is foreign but we marry him with the territory: walnuts, almonds, pistachios and citrus.

Always attentive of the origin of the raw material we use, for chocolate we have selected a supplier that fairly pays the cocoa producers, with respect to the environment.

Il salato

Nun è aruci

Mariannina, Tanuzza, grandma Concettina, aunty Angela, for 100 years they have always done so: rigorously pointed, with a heart of ragù ( a typical meat-based souce) and a hard-boiled egg. We call it arancino!