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"An explosion of smoothness and tastiness without milk and also, gluten-free. It is made with an excellent almond flour, eggs and dark chocolate. Pieces of orange zest make it become even more original and exquisite. It is perfect for a breakfast that will maintain its surprising effects all day long" Price per 60g.
Price per 40g.
Price per 40g.
It is a small and sweet cookie coated with honey with a very unusual irregular shape waiting to be discovered for its tastiness. Easy to love for being soft and crunchy at the same time. A biscuit weighs approximately 33g.
The sweet taste of carob comes together with a slight hint of orange and orange blossom honey covered delicately with a thin layer of dark chocolate. The tastiness of Mediterranean embraces a soave and unique dessert, which is slightly crunchy but softer inside. It is perfect together with a liqueur or even alone which will amaze you with its delicacy.
Small but immense moments of chocolate pleasure that contain, tasting beyond their slightly more crunchy exterior, a filling from time to time different: creamy almond, pistachio, gianduia, Crunchy hazelnut and praline almond. To offer to the most demanding guests: you will not be able to find how to gently hit them on the palate. The selling price refers to 100g of product.
Very crumbly and fragrant gluten-free soaking biscuits, for a healthy breakfast or snack. Also excellent with a veil of jam or spreadable cream. Price per 180g.
The Avola almonds in an exquisite cream with their distinctive taste but also with a lot of sweetness and softness. It could be enjoyed simply spoon after spoon. Price per 300g.
Price per 250g
Crunchy hazelnut beans covered with a delicious layer of white chocolate in a slight embrace of coffee resulting a mixture of a unique and inviting flavour. If you love chocolate, coffee and almonds, you will discover how well they work together in a delicious threesome. Price per 90g.
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