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We are the living example of a sweet historic family enterprise.

Ours is a family made of sweetness and tradition. Our delicacies have been bringing joy and for more than 150 years to our community; because we do not use only the typical ingredients that an ordinary pastry chef uses, we are beyond that!

Our delicacies contains the passion that runs through our vein, the same as of our grandparents and our great-grandparents. We are a family but we are also a team, a team that together manages to achieve important goals whenever needed.

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Our strong history and tradition

preserved in its deepest true essence, leads us to be innovative and dedicate ourselves to protect the environment, to care for those who believe in us and for those who has yet to discover us.

We know that if we do not believe in us and in our products in the first place, no one else could. Therefore, we choose to continue along this path, working day and night to harvest the results together with our community.

We look back when we need to learn, to draw but we are also walking towards the future, a future that has already began for us.

The continuous search for new recipes, the confidence of delighting the palate with sweet emotions and unique sensations, the desire to preserve the pillars of Sicilian and Hyblean pastry, the meticulous selection of primary products and our preference for the local ones do not stop us from exploring the world and to turn right back to our origins, where we were born and continue to live feeling a great joy for what we do, seeking to offer a sophisticated and refined tastiness and sweetness without ever stopping.


We are and we continue write the sweetest story of our town

We are an international triumph with a great Sicilianity. We are a sweet family, the sweet life of an historic enterprise.

E noi, amanti del dolce, consolatorio e corroborante, torniamo sempre come api al nettare, giornalmente o settimanalmente, al “Caffè Corsino”, come un infante fa con il latte materno, per ricevere conforto e nutrizione, per poter continuare a dire, parafrasando Roberto Benigni: la vita è dolce.

Luigi Lombardo