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Antica Pasticceria Corsino

Traditional Desserts
The passion that we have for tradition will never abandon us, because it is our strength! If the history exists thanks to the tradition, our tradition has lived and handed down from father to son for 150 years. Flourished with love, passion and professionalism, our story guides us every day knowing that it is not just our story, but also the story of the many, the story of a community, which enjoys the desserts that we create with the passion of our beloved grandparents.
Gluten Free
Who said that coeliac condition will deprive you from tasting wonderful dessert?! We would like to prove the opposite: we remove the gluten without changing anything else. Our most important mission is your satisfaction. This is why we are looking for new culinary techniques and raw materials that could satisfy you and help you stay healthy without compromising the taste, sweetness and the quality.
Gift Boxes
Imagine a box where you can put everything magical and lovable about the person who will receive it. Then, imagine giving this box to your beloved ones and putting a smile on their faces, with its sublime products and a unique note written by you. We love creating these personalized boxes. The gift box is perfect for anniversaries, special occasions or celebrations, which will remain forever in your heart.
Gift Ideas
A dessert is always a wonderful gift but it is not forever. Even if it is not forever, it will remind you that sweet moment you had. We would like to give you remember that moment forever. This is why we have reserved for you a small but rich world to discover, to experience and to combine with our exquisite products. Gifts for everyone: books, toys, home-décor objects. All designed and selected to be special and unique like the person who chooses the gift and the one who receives it.
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Corsino for the Environment

We surprise you and give you unique moments and original gift ideas but we do all this respecting and protecting the environment. The worldwide organizations who run different campaigns to defend our planet encourage us to take a step forward day after day and we try to be a part of these changes.

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